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Jul 24, 2019

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It seems that the executable doesnt work for Windows 10 OS... I was curious

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interesting can you show me the error? because it should have worked :/ ... I'm sorry to hear that (Edit: you can try running it as administrator maybe that will help)

This one:

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try the alternative download and i will try fixing this problem, thank you for the feedback (Edit: this is weird because i tested it on Windows 10 32-bit and windows 10 64-bit :/ well hopefully my new patch will fix it)

do you want a free gold profile for helping me fix errors?

uhm... sure? Honestly I think this is more of a technical difficulty on my side

Other than that I tried downloading the app itself (not the launcher) and it seems to work! Now I'm just trying to find a way to change skins.

right now I'm just curiously prodding the launcher in a different folder from the app and it seems to act as if it wasn't connected to the internet at all. Did i do something wrong or do i need to download something?

if you started the launcher offline it stays offline. if you restart it will be normal

oh by the way i think i found your discord by accident so i think we can talk there